>No one does it like Vetrazzo


When it comes to doing their part to save the environment, no one does it better than Vetrazzo. Vetrazzo is a recycled glass countertop manufacture based in Richmond Ca..Below are some images I took from a tour of their plant.

It is often hard to tell from small samples and even harder from pictures, but the movement and color variation in these pieces can rival any natural stone.

An image from Vetrazzo’s sample sale. These smaller pieces make great table tops, cutting boards, hot plates… gifts

Each slaps is 9′ x 5′ x 1.25″ and contains 500 lbs of recycled glass.

Just one of the many bags of glass not going to the landfill

Can you see the piece of the Corona lable? A Vetrazzo countertop will definately give you something to brag about. To learn more about Vetrazzo read:Vetrazzo: True Counter Culture on ecocentric|blog.com or email me at carrie.ecd@gmail.com

About ecocentricdesign

I am a designer/architect with a passion for the environment
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