>sustainable living consultation

> A large part of living sustainably is being efficient. Whether you want to go active solar, passive solar, or make your existing heating and cooling system more efficient; the first step is to prepare your building envelope.
gn can help you prep your home to maximum efficiency.

ecocentric|sustainable living


A one to two hour consultation with an ecocentric|designer. During this time, he or she will evaluate your home and lifestyle, discuss trick and tips that will save you energy, water, and money, and provide you with a custom ecocentric|solutions guide for greening your home and your planet.

Our designers will cover topics such as…

  • Preparing your home for maximum energy efficiency
  • Improving your indoor air quality
  • Reducing your carbon and methane footprint
  • Decreasing your waste
  • Water conservation

and more…

You will also receive

  1. A customized recipe on how to keep up with your new way of life
  2. An unlimited free subscription to our ecocentric|newsletter
  3. And full unlimited access to our FAQ and blog topic Q&As

To schedule an ecocentric consultation or for more information on our ecocentric|basics program, please email us at carrie.ecd@gmail.com and help us, help you make the world a little greener.


About ecocentricdesign

I am a designer/architect with a passion for the environment
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